Student Evaluations

I have consistently received positive feedback on my teaching. I have experience serving as a TA for four different courses, leading workshops on teaching methods, and designing and instructing my own first-year writing seminar.

Below are summaries of my course evaluations, and selected student comments. Complete evaluation available upon request. A pdf version is available here.

Course Evaluations – Instructor of Record

First-Year Writing Seminar on The US Healthcare System – Fall 2016

  • Mid-Semster Evaluation (14/17 students)
    • I would rate the overall instruction as excellent: 100% agree (50% strongly)
    • I would recommend this course to a friend: 100% agree (50% strongly)
    • The instructor of this course cares about his/her students: 100% agree (53% strongly)
    • The instructor of this course is enthusiastic about teaching the material: 100% agree (71% strongly)
    • The instructor of this course encourages students to think by asking good questions: 100% agree (57% strongly)
  • End of Semster Evaluation (16/17 students)
    • the teacher was well-prepared: 94% agree (38% strongly, 50% very strongly)
    • the teacher directed discussions well: 94% agree (25% strongly, 56% very strongly)
    • I felt intellectually stimulated: 100% agree (44% strongly, 38% very strongly)
    • I became a more skillful writer: 100% agree (50% strongly, 31% very strongly)
    • I became a more confident writer: 94% agree (38% strongly, 38% very strongly)
  • What are your overall impressions of the course?
    • I thought this course was a great way to learn about a new topic while constantly being engaged in discussion. The instructor was always well prepared.
    • It was very engaging and the instructor was dedicated.
    • I enjoyed the course and thought the essay topics were chosen well. Discussions were involved and productive.
    • The course was well planned.
    • Generally, I enjoyed the course because it allowed me to gain a much better understanding of the US Healthcare system.
    • Overall I liked the course a lot. I thought the subject matter was very interesting and well presented, and the writing assignments were engaging and relevant.
    • It was stimulating and challenging and delivered on its course description.
    • The course was a good balance between learning about healthcare and learning different writing skills.
  • Do you believe your writing has improved?
    • I think my writing improved a lot
    • I feel the flexibility in my writing has vastly improved with all the exercises we did on various styles. I feel like the course was well structured in this regard
    • I became more confident in my writing
    • I believe my writing has improved in the area of interpreting a topic in two ways and taking two sides of an argument.
    • In-class writing exercises really helped.
    • I was writing in genres I had never written in before
  • Were written comments on papers helpful?
    • Very helpful. Always specific and insightful. Never really had trouble making edits.
    • They allowed me to directly address what I needed to
    • [They] allowed me to identify what hindered my writing and in what way
    • They were very helpful because they told you where you could improve.
    • Yes – because they were specific and gave specific suggestions
    • Comments were very helpful as they allowed me to learn from my mistakes

Course Evaluations – Teaching Assistant

Applied Econometrics – Spring 2017 (Mid-semester Evaluation)

  • The TA deserves an overall rating of (1 very poor – 5 excellent): 4.81
  • 42 students enrolled (29 responses)
  • Sample quotes:
    • “Awesome TA. So well prepared and enthusiastic. I have no complaints”
    • “Dan is very good at connecting the subject matter to real life examples, which is very helpful.”
    • “Very knowledgeable of the course material and the concepts”
    • “Very helpful and clear”
    • “The TA is fully respectful and clear…”
    • “Thumbs up”
    • “I switched sections because I find you teach more effectively”

Intermediate Microeconomics – Spring 2016

  • The TA deserves an overall rating of (1 very poor – 5 excellent): 4.76
  • 38 students enrolled (21 responses)
  • Sample quotes:
    • “The TA sections were the best part of the class and honestly taught me more than the lectures. Great TA, very enthusiastic and friendly”
    • “Daniel is great at explaining concepts and involves all students”
    • “Dan utilized his time effectively to make each part of the section worthwhile, I really can’t say that there was any not-valued part of the sections.”
    • “Dan’s explanation of the material was incredibly good. He was more helpful in section once a week than the professor was in three lectures per week.”
    • “Dan’s a fantastic TA who is capable of effectively explaining the key concepts of the course and creating problems which test one’s knowledge of the material thoroughly. Definitely one of the better Econ TAs that I have had.”
    • “Daniel is an amazing TA, very understanding and has great teaching skills. Something this evaluation doesnt ask but it is worth mentioning is that he is very approachable and looks out for his students, making sure they are doing well in the class and if they are ok in matters outside of academics. As someone who has struggled with personal circumstances, people like him are very helpful in order to perform well at Cornell after things dont go as planned”
    • “The TA basically taught the course himself, in my opinion.”

Intermediate Microeconomics – Fall 2015

  • The TA deserves an overall rating of (1 very poor – 5 excellent): 4.75
  • 53 students enrolled (13 responses)
  • Sample quotes (some from emails):
    • “This section really helped. Dan Ludwinski is by far the best TA I had in Cornell.”
    • “Literally the only reason I’m able to do even remotely okay in this course, the discussion section taught me more than the lecture did, and when coupled with the readings and homework assignments”
    • “Dan was helpful and without his discussion sections I would not have learned anything.
    • “Much more learning occurred in the section that the lecture. Most valuable aspect of the course!”
    • “Dan, without question, made the class”
    • “Very good TA. Flexible with his time, always willing to stay late after section to help people with what they didn’t understand and held useful review before each exam”
    • From unsolicited emails:

    • “I REALLY thank you for how you helped us out this semester. You were one of the most productive TAs I have ever had and very informative… Your problem sets made me understand the concepts when I was not getting it and you explained it very well.. I think the best i can say , and it is not a lie, is that you will be a great professor and I will be jealous of those kids who will take your class.”
    • “During this semester, I have benefited from your instruction and passion for Economics. I want to express my sincere gratitude for your help.”
    • “Thank you so much for your patience I couldn’t have asked for a better TA.”
    • “Thanks again for an awesome semester. I thoroughly enjoyed the course material and that was in a large part due to you. You’ll be an awesome professor in the near future!”
    • “I would like to say a big thank you to you for being great educator this whole semester!”

Intermediate Macroeconomics – Spring 2015

  • The TA deserves an overall rating of (1 very poor -5 excellent): 4.25
  • 74 students enrolled (32 responses)
  • Sample quotes:
    • Very likely the best and most effective TA I’ve had at Cornell, certainly in my economics classes
    • “Daniel did a great job clearly explaining most of the concepts within the textbook that were difficult to grasp previously”
    • “The TA really had his hands full with this class. Students did not get much from lecture so the TA had to teach the brunt of the material. With that said, he did a splendid job… [E]very section, I came out knowing more than coming in.

Introductory Macroeconomics – Spring 2012

  • The TA deserves an overall rating of (1 very poor -5 excellent): 4.17
  • 62 students enrolled (27 responses)
  • Sample quotes:
    • “Very helpful and Dan is a great TA- the best one I have had at Cornell thus far.”
    • “[Dan’s] worksheets [were the most valuable part of section] – they force you to actually apply the material instead of just watching the TA/professor do the problems”
    • “The TA was able to explain things clearly and break down the points that were mentioned in class. The TA was a lot easier to understand as he didnt use the brain dead teaching device known as PowerPoint every single lecture like the professor did.”
    • “Good TA, his office hours were useful, productive, and engaging. It is so important to have a TA whom not only knows the material but is social and can communicate effectively”
    • “Sections are very helpful in understanding and applying the course material, so I think it is important that the TAs are good teachers.”

Introductory Microeconomics – Fall 2011

  • The TA deserves an overall rating of (1 very poor -5 excellent): 4.47
  • 92 students enrolled (44 responses)
  • Sample quotes:
    • “My second TA, Dan was absolutely wonderful. A great teacher who used examples and practice exam problems to convey the Professor’s lectures each week.”
    • “He did an excellent job of taking the subject matter and making it understandable, both vocally and through practice problems.”
    • “Dan did a great job covering the material taught in lecture. He was clear, organized and very attentive to questions. Dan was very prepared for class and was an enthusiastic TA. He taught me a lot.”
    • “great TA; will make a great professor one day”
    • “Nice TA! Really has a good understanding of economics”
    • “The most valued part of the section was that my TA choose topics that were covered weekly in the lectures to explain. He helped to break the concepts through examples, which helped me a lot to be able to understand what I needed to know.”
    • “Dan did a great job. Many people not in my section came just to learn from Dan because he knows what he is talking about and he does a great job explaining everything especially in office hours.”
    • “I think the TA did a better job teaching the course then the professor, he was very competent in the subject matter, and i couldve all but stopped attending lecture, and still have the same understanding of the subject meeting once a week in section.”

Other evaluations

Effectively Dealing with Challenging Classroom Situations (CTE Workshop)

  • I would attend this workshop again (1 strongly disagree – 5 strongly agree): 4.3
  • This workshop was valuable (1 strongly disagree – 5 strongly agree): 4.5
  • 10 participants (10 responses)
  • Sample feedback:
    • “Great Delivery!”
    • “One of the many dynamic classes I’ve been to – good job! I appreciated that you weren’t afraid to voice your own opinion in response to some of our opinions.”

Holding Effective Office Hours (CTE Conference Workshop)

  • I would attend this workshop again (1 strongly disagree – 5 strongly agree): 4.43
  • This workshop was valuable (1 strongly disagree – 5 strongly agree): 4.57
  • 10 participants (10 responses)

Electronic Portfolios as a Tool to Enhance Learning and Assessment (CTE Workshop)

  • Based on my experience here, I would likely attend a similar session in the future. (1 strongly disagree – 5 strongly agree): 4.23
  • This workshop was valuable (1 strongly disagree – 5 strongly agree): 4.23
  • 15 participants (13 responses)