This section serves as my teaching portfolio. Here I express my thoughts on various aspects of teaching, discuss and share some examples of my work, and talk about my goals and ways I am growing as teacher. For quick access, you can download:

Why I Teach

I teach to help students unlock the mysteries of the world and find their place in it. The world is beautiful. This beauty largely stems from how things fit together, make sense, and connect. I desire that students not only learn facts about the world (dots), but also the connections between (lines). The lines reveal the picture. Isolated facts have no value and, when they come at the expense of understanding and context, they can actually get in the way of fully understanding or appreciating the world’s beauty.

Teachers help students know facts. Good teachers connect those facts. Great teachers help students see how those connections make a picture of the world, and help students understand how they fit in that picture. My goal is to be a great teacher to as many students as possible that they may see the world, appreciate its beauty and impact it positively.

Portfolio Organization

    My portfolio is organized into the following sections:

  • My Effectiveness: Is the effort I put into teaching actually paying off? Here I discuss measures of my effectiveness and share some samples of evaluations as well as other metrics and samples.
  • Planning: Quality teaching starts long before class starts. In this section I share examples of and my thoughts about designing courses (syllabi) and preparing for classes (lesson plans).
  • Student Assessment: I assess students know if they are obtaining the course’s learning objectives, and to help inform me of my effectiveness.
  • Professional Development: I can’t maintain my enthusiasm and passion if I’m not learning and growing. In this section I share my goals for professional development as well as my experiences thus far.