Conservatism and the GOP

David Frum has an excellent article in NY Mag about the current state of the Republican Party “When Did the GOP Lose Touch With Reality?“. The saliancy of this article hinges on the fact that David Frum for years was a GOP insider and a staunch conservative ( He served in the Bush administration as a speech writer and is credited with developing the “axis of evil” phrase.

Frum illustrates beautifully how the Republican party has abandoned pragmatism in favor of pitched battles, winning at all cost and principle over practice. With that radicalization has come a willful ignorance of any inconvenient fact, and the demonization of those who disagree.

There is no true, reasonable conservative voice in politics right now. I do not know who to get back on course, but David Frum does a good job of illustrating where we’ve gone wrong.

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