Conferences, Workshops & Classes

Below are a selection of my reflections on some more formal professional development experiences I have had (such as conferences and seminars).

Cornell Course: The Practice of Teaching in Higher Education

This course encouraged me to critically reflect on teaching and who I was as an educator, and greatly helped me develop my professional teaching identity.

Cornell Center for Teaching Excellence – Graduate Teaching Fellow

In the 20015-2016 academic year I was a fellow at Cornell’s Center for Teaching Excellence. I have benefited significantly from the opportunity to think about teaching methods, talk about pedagogy and educational theory and become involved in teaching others. I have developed a commitment to intentionally pursuing further professional teaching development through seminars, or conferences as I have seen their value as I pursue excellence in my teaching. Furthermore, I have been able to put what I’m learning in to practice immediately, consciously pursuing active learning opportunities in class. This semester, after the midterm, I divided students up into groups to each solve one problem from the exam. Each group, with my help, explained their answer to the class. Students were so encouraged by their ability to learn from each other that I then facilitated the formation of study groups to empower that type of learning to grow.